H2O Commercial Services


H2O Plumbing Services is located in the heart of Sydney CBD, specializing in commercial plumbing, maintenance and installation. H2O Plumbing Services some of the most prestigious buildings in the city. With nothing short of the best Plumbers, Supervisors and Hydraulic Consultants on our team to provide the very best service available.

Cm3 has been developed by Noel Arnold & Associates, one of Australia’s leading specialists in occupational health and safety risk management.

Cm3 is an online prequalification assessment of a contractors health and safety management capability and has been developed to assist clients to meet their legislative duty of care to ensure the contractors they engage have processes to safely conduct work.

Cm3 gives our clients the assurance that H2O Plumbing Services has an OHS management system that has been reviewed by qualified OHS specialists and enables our clients to have an understanding of our occupational health and safety capability prior to commencing work.

ICIX helps many of the world’s largest companies to effectively and efficiently manage risk across their global supply chains. It enables businesses to collaborate with their trading partners to gain transparency into their supply chain and to identify and manage risk.

The ICIX network connects customers and their suppliers/contractors and helps them to manage safety and compliance programs. By ensuring WH&S documentation is current and comprehensive, the client can have confidence that they are meeting the required standards when it comes to work health and safety.

The team at H2O are highly qualified to deliver practical, cost effective solutions for all types of industrial and commercial plumbing jobs.

Our expertise includes, but is not limited to:
Commercial Hydraulic plumbing
Commercial drainage system design and installation using industry best practice methods
Plumbing for gas and fire services
Industrial plumbing and drainage
Rainwater harvesting for commercial buildings
Commercial and Industrial fit outs
Hospital,Surgical installation and maintenance

24 Hour Emergency callout

We provide a fast response emergency call out service 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year anywhere in Sydney.

Scheduled maintenance

We arrange maintenance programs for high rise building, strata managers and property managers for all the plumbing fixtures from the plant room tanks to the basement sumps. This service saves callout fees, break downs and most importantly water.

Pumps Services

We service and install booster pumps, VSD pumps, sewer and storm water pumps.

Blocked sewers

Our plumbers have access to electric eels and water jet to clean any sewer, drain or storm water pipe fast.

Back Flow Preventions

Our plumbers have been trained by Sydney Water and are licensed to install and service backflow prevention valves including RPZ, DC, VB, R-Air Gaps and provide the necessary certificates to Sydney water.

Taps and toilet repairs

There are many shapes and sizes when it comes to maintenance on new or old cisterns, taps and showers.

Water filters and boiling water units

Our plumbers are trained to install and service all chilled and hot drinking water filtered units by the manufactures. This includes Zip units and Billi units.